Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who needs mothers day?

We don't do 'Mothers day' in our family with the theory that mothers are special every day and not just because the calendar says so. So it is always a pleasure and a treat when my lovely DD comes home with some flowers for no other reason than she saw them and thought I would like them. That really makes me feel loved.

I've been making a flower too,

for this months Baker's Dozen square I decided on the Crocodile stitch dahlia block, which wasn't as difficult as it first looked thanks to a well written pattern (as long as you remember it uses american crochet terms)

And talking of crochet (do you see how everything follows on neatly in this post?) I seem to have caught the hooky bug and this little lady flew off my hook this weekend

She is actually supposed to be a bunny but having embroidered the face DD and I decided she looked much more like a bear, so I adapted the ears to match and here she is, a bit of a strange little creature, but she will be finding her way into a charity parcel of some sort and hopefully a little person will give her a new home and love her.

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Auntie Noo said...

what a lovely thing for your DD to do, they're beautiful.