Sunday, June 03, 2012

Simple Preemie Mittens

I was asked to find a simple pattern for preemie mitts for a little project we have going at work (more about that in another post) but despite trawling the web I failed dismally. I sat there frustrated for a few moments before a lttle light bulb came on above my head - if there wasn't one to be found, then I would write one!
So here, for my colleagues, and anyone else who would like to knit some for charity, is the ellusive

Simple Preemie Mitten Pattern

Available in two sizes; tiny and small
using 2.75mm and 3.25mm needles and oddments of 4ply

Using smaller needles cast on 23st (27sts)
Work 8 (10) rows in K1,P1 rib

Change to larger needles and, starting with a knit row, knit in stocking stitch until work
measures 1 3/4" (2") from cast on, ending with a purl row.

Shaping the top.
Larger size only:
K1,(sl1,K1,psso,K8,K2tog,K1) twice (23sts)
next and every alternate row - purl
both sizes
K1, (sl1,K1,psso, K6,K2tog, K1) twice (19sts)
next and every alternate row - purl
K1, (sl1,K1,psso, K4, K2tog, K1) twice (15sts)
smaller size only
K1, (sl1,K1,psso, K2, K2tog, K1) twice (11sts)

Break yarn, thread through remaining 11sts, (15sts), draw up firmly and fasten off. Join seam as flat as possible.

Please feel free to use this pattern for charity or your own personal use, but please do not use it, or any items made from it, for profit.


ToadRockStreet said...

You continue to be the Queen of all knitted things and we'll hold a Jubilee just for you in the near future.
The pattern looks great and the mittens are perfect. They will be very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant, I have just finished making two pairs for my cousin's preemie twins and they fit perfectly

melanie cowdy said...

Brilliant little patterns and easy to make in slightly different sizes for the NICU too. Thank you for posting this I'm busy on the needles now to go with the little hats I've been making to send out. Knitters and natters charity matters will love these little bits to send out to NICU wards from our members if you don't mind me sharing the pattern with our facebook group. Thank you :)