Sunday, April 08, 2012

Town and Country

Being the Easter weekend DH and I decided to take the opportunity to do two long walks back to back in preparation/training for our biggie in a few weeks time. So on Good Friday we took the train up to London and tube out to Paddington and walked 18 miles along the canal/Thames.

Each time we go up to Town we remark on how the Shard is progressing - it's one impressive building and I am looking forward to visiting the viewing gallery when it finally opens.

The next day, and feeling surprisingly ok, we decided on a local walk - drove over to FIL's house, left the car and walked the 12 miles home
a bit different scenery to our first walk, with far more four legged inhabitants than the two legged crowds of yesterday

They were all lined up beautifully along the fence but by the time I had found the camera on my new phone they seemed to have got a bit bored with posing :0(

And finally, since I ought to put some knitting in the blog - here's my April Square for the Baker's Dozen

still on the 'Garden of England' theme but instead of flowers and leaves, it's Butterflies though actually the more I look, the more they seem to transform into other insects!

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Auntie Noo said...

Love the knitting, that's a gorgeous stitch. Well done on the walking, i'm not sure my feet would survive that far, although i used to walk 26 mile cross countries as a teenager. My footsies were younger then. ;)