Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick bits

I don't feel like I have had much time for serious knitting lately, what with the walking practice (yes I know, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot) and getting things ready for FIL's 80th birthday bash, but I have still been making

I thought I would keep his cake simple, it's his birthday, he's 80 and he likes aircraft (radio controlled models and real ones) and having had a flight in a Tiger Moth that seemed the obvious choice to top the cake. I wouldn't usually spend that much on a cake decoration but being a diecast model he can pop it on his shelf after the cake has gone.

My BSJ is coming along slowly and though I have made one before I still marvel how EZ worked out the weird shape you need to fold nicely into a little jacket
(sorry it's sideways, this new blogger is rubbish not playing properly)

Needing a bit of instant gratification (and a new bookmark) I created this
using a combination of a couple of designs the top bit being half a crochet flower and the bottom based on the Book Thong. I really like the effect and the cord that is produced when you slip stitch into the back of the chain on the way back up.

And since that didn't quite satisfy
I made the first of this years Innocent Smoothie Hats. Although it hasn't been launched officially yet I heard through the Ravelry group that it is definitely going a-head (oops! bad pun!) so I thought by starting early I might get a few more done this year.


Lisa said...

Some lovely knitting MW. The bookmark is really pretty.

Anonymous said...

What lovely makes. 3 different crafts - you talented woman!

Linda said...

I do like your knitting, the cake looks perfect too.