Sunday, March 04, 2012

All that yarn

.. and I didn't buy a single skein!

Last weekend I went to Unravel - a bit of a hike round the M25 for me, but I'd never been before and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and besides there were some interesting workshops on offer. The journey was quite easy until the end when foolishly instead of listening to my satnav, I tried to follow the Unravel signs and took a couple of trips round Farnham's one way system before acknowledging that they were taking me in ever decreasing circles and back out again where as, on this occasion the satnav actually did know better.

Anyway, I had a very enjoyable day wandering round the stands that were in umpteen different rooms and squishing yarn,
I saw some real sheep

and a knitted one

Met up with Noo, Jessica, Franney and Wildpurl from CTnY which was so nice after having chatted on the forum for so long, went to help at the UK Handknitting stand, though my services weren't required as it was so quiet, so I had an extra browse, but even then I only came away with some Knitpicks interchangeables - I think there was so much lovely yarn I became 'wool blind'.

The workshop I had chosen was called "Entrelac + Beyond" with Alison Ellen, I've often looked at entrelac with interest, I once did the first row of blocks but that's as far as it went, and I now realise that the instructions I used were not clear. Anyway, I've 'got' it now, and have a little sample to prove it

Though I'm not sure I will be in a hurry to do anymore, at least I now know how!


Lisa said...

Entrelac has always fascinated me, it looks lovely & is always nice to stroke :)

Anonymous said...

I once made an entrelac dishcloth in space dyed yarn - red, white and blue, for a WRI competition. Sadly it was too profressive for the ladies of the WRI and I wasn't placed :)

Glad you had a good time.

Auntie Noo said...

It was so lovely to finally meet you. I do hope we didn't scare you with all the noise tho'! LOL I didn't buy yarn either. *polishes halo* Isn't it funny how we do workshops to learn something that we might not ever use, but just have to understand. Will not be beaten by a knitting technique! It does look lovely though, great photo.

Linda said...

That does sound like a great trip, and well done on no yarn!!!