Monday, February 13, 2012

It's all square

I seem to have been making a lot of square things lately (well apart from Monsters but they deserve a post of their own).

I try to be environmentally friendly and use my own mug at work instead of the plastic cups from the vending machine (besides you can fit two cups worth in a mug!) and so it seems counter-productive to then use paper towels to wipe/soak up the inevitable drips. My crochet coasters are looking a little sad now so when I saw a new idea over on blueadt's blog and she kindly told us how to make them on the CTnY forum I thought I would have a go.

Then at my Lace meeting, a friend was crocheting a blanket and I rather took to the stitch she was doing but no matter how she tried to explain it, I just couldn't grasp what she meant - the only solution was to whip out a hook and yarn and actually do it......
easy when you know how, and another square to add to the collection for Knit-a-square

And finally, my January square for the Baker's Dozen where the request was for something in red/yellow/white

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Linda said...

I love the coasters. I might try and make some one day!