Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Oh I do like to be ....

.....beside the seaside.

Hastings looking towards Bexhill with remains of the Pier

The weather was lovely at the weekend, and we didn't have anything planned (for a change) so DH and I decided to go to the seaside on the spur of the moment. We aren't ones for the sandy beaches (I'm still trying to get the sand out of the car from when DD took the nieces over a month ago!) so we headed off to Hastings, our nearest sea and where we used to go a lot when we were courting (lovely old fashioned word that).
We had a really nice wander all along the front towards Bexhill then turned and walked back to the fishing huts at Rock-a-nore and through the old town, ending up with a picnic on the beach.
It's strange how sad I felt to see the remains of the burnt out pier (a result, it is believed, of arson in October '10) considering in all the many, many times I've been to Hastings, I never once went on it, and never will now.

On the way back through the town I popped into Clarks (the shoe shop) just on the off chance that they had the bag that I had missed buying when I ran out of lunch hour and someone had beaten me to it by the time I got back, and I couldn't believe my luck when I found it

Never mind the outside - will you just look at the lining

and what's more it has two sections, one for my purse etc, and the other for my knitting all at the bargainous 70% off price of £13.49 !!! now it doesn't get much better than that.


Auntie Noo said...

Oh now just look at that lining - glorious! I must make it to hastings in daylight one of these days - we only go to see Jazz on a Friday night (very occassionally as it's a bit of a schlep) but it's always dark! ;)

Silvia said...

Only been to Hastings ones and don't remember much about it. But your photo looks lovely.
The lining in that bag is so cute....Turn the bag inside out..lol