Sunday, June 12, 2011

No wonder I'm tired

DH and I decided our garden could do with a bit of a prune and a tidy, so this morning we set to - isn't it amazing when you actually get stuck in, just how much you see that needs doing? Anyway, 3 hours later we ended up with......

and these are the large wheelie bin black bags, and there is still more to trim. I think our shrubs and bushes must be related to Triffids!
Trouble is, now that we have found the fence, we have discovered that one of the posts is rotten and two panels are now waving freely in the breeze - which means taking out another LARGE shrub to get to mend it :( Hey ho, guess that's gardening for you.
Ever have those moments when you wish you hadn't started?

We have had one of those spells of tidying/clearing and recently helped FIL to empty his loft ready to be insulated. This was quite an interesting game, tinged with sadness as we found lots of things that dear MIL (recently departed) had saved including lots of the treasures from when the boys were small. Amongst the favourites were brushed nylon romper suits! (yes we were babies of the 60's) and some of DH's school books including one with the memorable line....

"I am 8 years old and have 2 newts and one brother"

nice to know his priorities!

But the item that I liked best was a rug

It is double sided fur fabric and I love the teddy. I think some of the reason I like it is the thought that DH (6'2", 48 tomorrow, widely known and respected in his field) used to lie on it to kick and 'feel the air' as a bubby, ah how sweet!


Auntie Noo said...

aw!! and just love those priorities.

Hope you manage to repair the fence without too much fallout!

Silvia said...

WOW!!! You sure had a lot of work going on there. Hope you get the Fence sorted.
The Blankey is so cute...and what a fab memory