Sunday, June 19, 2011

It feels good

I had one of those WIPs that has been bothering me. Back last summer/autumn time I started a Mystery Blanket CAL, in retrospect I should have known better, or at least twigged when one week we had 2 squares to crochet and the next it was 16! but I plodded on for a bit, got to 7 of the 16 mitred squares which I hated doing and stalled - that was months ago and the pile of squares has been silently mocking me ever since.

Well the other day I was listening to old Knit Picks podcasts and came across "To Knit or not to Knit - That is the question" and suddenly it was clear - basically Kelley was giving me permission to quit - the gist of what she was saying was, if you aren't happy with your project and you know you are unlikely to finish it then frog it, give it away or throw it away. Handily the squares were 8", just what Knit-a-square need, so I could abandon my project with a clear conscience and boy does it feel good. Daft really, I should have been big enough to think of that myself, but up until recently I've been one of those people who perseveres with a book all the way to the end even if I wasn't enjoying it - though I stopped that a while ago, it obviously hadn't filtered into my craft life but now I am on a roll so

out to the bin go the quilted bits for the bag I started last August and decided I didn't like, I'm never going to finish it, so what's the point of cluttering my workroom. It's great, I have space in my room and more importantly in my mind.
Damn, it feels good. Now what shall I start next?????

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Auntie Noo said...

ahhh doesn't it feel good! I have to say that generally if I find I haven't worked on a project for a week or so then I know I've lost the love for it - there are a few exceptions, but often after a week of no-action, they get frogged! - But then I'm callous like that! LOL