Monday, January 03, 2011

My first ever design


Well 'design' is a bit too grand a term but My first working out with a stitch dictionary, maths, experience and trial and error just doesn't have the same ring to it!

It's quick and easy - (I made it during the course of a film - a longish film admittedly but for me that's still quick) and has some interest with the mock cables to stop it from being boring, but it's simple enough that I could still follow the plot.

Feel free to use the pattern as much as you like (for non-profit purposes) but if you enjoy it, then please consider making one for charity, or popping a few pennies in a collecting box next time you pass one. Thank you.

Mock Cable Hat
To fit from large child to small adult
(this hat is quite stretchy)

Using 2 strands DK held together
5mm circular needle 16”
DPNS or long circ to magic loop

Approx 18sts to 4” over pattern (but as it is a very forgiving pattern a slight variation in gauge will not affect the finished hat too much)

Pattern notes
Mock Cable (worked in the round over multiple of 4 sts)
Rounds 1-3: [K2,P2] to end
Round 4: [K2tog but do not drop sts from left needle, k into first of these sts again,
drop both sts from left needle, P2] to end.

Cast on 64 sts, place marker and join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist.

Work rounds 1-4 of mock cable 8 times

Decrease for top, changing to DPNS/ magic loop when necessary
R 1: [K2, P2] to end
R 2: [K2, P2tog] to end (48sts)
R 3: [K2, P1] to end
R 4: [K2tog, P1] to end (32sts)
R 5: [K1, P1] to end
R 6: [K2tog] to end (16sts)
R 7: [K2tog] to end (8sts)
R 8: [K2tog] to end (4sts)

Draw yarn through remaining sts, pull up tight and fasten off.
Either leave as it is or add a pompon or tassle and give to your favourite charity

Mine will be heading off to Knit-a-Square where, despite the name, they welcome hats and sweaters as well as 8" squares to be made into blankets for the Aids orphans and abandoned children of South Africa.

(With thanks to my lovely DD who willingly volunteered to model her mum's latest creation)

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