Friday, February 20, 2009

Making the strangest things!

I'm at it again, making strange things in the name of charity.

These are for Algerian Action as part of Project Washables, and I am sure I don't need to explain what they are for.
Many moons ago, when I used to do patchwork, I bought a large pack of sheeting offcuts and it contained lots of 10" squares (cut from the corners of fitted sheets) which I have discovered are the perfect size for making these. I know they are a strange colour but if the current alternative was a plastic bag or bin liner (!!), the last thing I would worry about was the colour.

They are so simple to make, just an outer pocket and an inner pad made of (in this case) old kitchen towels. I set up a 'production line' and rattled off 8 this afternoon. Just need to find some more old towels, and I'll be off again.

Earlier in the week I did a bit of sewing for me, and made a(nother) knitting bag - this time a small one using dragon(knit)-flys tutorial, very well written and I love the end result - though next time I would make it a little longer.

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Sarah said...

Well that is indeed a departure from hats or blankets! As you say I'm sure the colour is not an issue.