Friday, February 20, 2009

Apparently I'm knitting a sock.

DH and I went up to London for our favourite walk from the Dome to the Eye, and naturally I passed the time on the train knitting. A wee boy kept staring at me then whispered very loudly to his mum "What's that lady doing?" to which mum replied, sounding very certain, "Oh, she's knitting a sock" Well I know it was on a circ and in the round but really, do I look like the sort to wear a sock like this...

I mean, what on earth did she think the blue fluffy line is all about?
I appreciate there was no reason why she should know it was a comfort doll but why not just tell the poor little lad I was knitting and leave it at that.

This is what my 'sock' turned into

Anyway, it was a lovely day, the sun shone and the sky looked like it was going to throw rain or snow at us at any moment but it waited until we were safely home. We walked our legs off and enjoyed ourselves in the process, I only took a couple of photo's but really had to share this one, to say I was surprised to come across sheep in this setting - in the middle of London with Canary Wharf in the back ground - is a bit of an understatement.


Blackdog said...

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Judith said...

A lovely photo of sheep in the city. I like reading your blog. I haven't been to England since December 2004 and it's likely it will be a while before I get back.

Sarah said...

I bet she was pleased that she thought she knew you were knitting a sock in the round - I find that knitting in the round attracts maximum attention - especially on DPNs with needles sticking out at all angles.

Glad your taste in socks is not that scary!