Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Time Thief

There is a time thief in our house, I swear there is, he is usually only about in the mornings before I leave the house, (and for some strange reason on a Thursday evening making me late for the Lace group) but over the last few weeks he has been working full time! I meant to post after Ally Pally, but he stole my spare time, I meant to post before I went away for the week, but he did it again, and I was intending to post as soon as I got back, but, you've guessed it, I've been back nearly a week and lo and behold, he's still at it. However, I've fooled him this time, I WILL update my blog - and he can nick the time from something else instead!

Well Ally Pally is old news now, I had a great day, all by myself, it's my day out, I pleased myself and didn't have to feel guilty going back for a second (or third) look at the same things. I didn't buy very much just a couple of balls of sock yarn to add to those I already had to make Kaleidoscope some Serenity in black for Wicked and Elizabeth Zimmermans Knitting Around, which I have been eyeing up for ages.

The following week we went up to the Lake District to stay in my old bosses cottage, unfortunately the weather was a bit pants, and we got rather damp but it could have been worse (as it was after we came home with the Mountain Marathon having to be cancelled and all those runners having to seek refuge where ever they could)

We managed to catch a bit of sunshine, and appreciate the gorgeous autumn colours, but boy was it cold and the wind........ Oh and that isn't usually a lake to our left - it's a field

And as the week wore on, the continuous rain meant that there were quite a few impromptu fords, and the Lakes became rather full, to overflowing

Erm, where does the lake end and the road begin?
Thank goodness for the shrubs!

The upside of the bad weather was that we often went out in the morning then came back for lunch and to dry out, and spend the afternoon relaxing and watching the wind and rain from the comfort of the arm chairs, so needless to say, I was happy, plugged into my iPod catching up on podcasts and knitting away

Not much by a lot of peoples standards, but I was pleased to have completed another hottie cover , (I followed the pattern exactly this time, and DD immediately claimed it) and a Comfort doll for icross. The four little socks are for Christmas tree decorations which I will attach to cards to give to my "lace friends"

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Sarah said...

That Thief's been here too :o)

Love your mini tree stockings, I'm doing little knitted Christmas trees to attach to cards this year