Sunday, September 30, 2007

Little and Large

Little hats for Innocent drinks from odds and ends.

And a large Coronet hat from Knitty for me. (modelled by DD)
I re-used some of the aran weight yarn that I had lying around after frogging some of Rene`s less successful work, and having decided that it does fit and I do like it, and more to the point it looks half decent on me, I now feel justified in buying some nice yarn to make it with.
It is ages since I have done any cables, and I had forgotten how satifying they can be.
Other than that I have been busy getting sore fingers replacing the zip in my favourite jeans. Hateful job! Next time I think about doing that, will someone please tell me to go and lie down in a darkened room til the feeling passes, and send me shopping to replace them instead!


Sarah said...

Hat-tastic! I really must do some more Innocent hats.

Queen of the froggers said...

Great hats! I like the cabled one.

Helen said...

Love the innocent hats. I should make some more soon.

Well done on fixing your jeans - multiple thicknesses of denim, a needle and fingers do not a happy sewer make!!

Just call me Ruby said...

love all the hats but particularly the coronet it looks lovely. I feel for you changing zips in denim jeans I hate it.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Its very nice to meet you. x

Silvia said...

I love the Hats Large and small.

Lindsey said...

Ooh, fab hats--both the little ones and your great Coronet. I haven't been by your blog in too long....but it's been fun catching up on the last month or so. Lots of stuff going on, it looks like--I like the socks you made and am glad you might be hooked on socks now! :-)

dreamcatcher said...

Love the Coronet and the mini-hats!