Friday, April 06, 2007

Sorry! You are knitting a what???!!!

Yep, that`s right!
Those of you who have seen the latest Simply Knitting may have noticed the request from lcgb for people to knit these as they are used to help teach new mums to feed, and being in need of a quick to complete project to get me going again, I cast on.
My non-knitting friends and family, however, are now totally convinced I have lost it, and are probably calling the men in white coats as I type, and booking my bed by the window!
I can`t imagine I will be knitting anything more unusual in the foreseable future - but anyway it`s charity knit 5 under my belt, and was strangely satisfying - wish mine were as perky!!!


Mandella said...

Well, it's certainly a very accurate representation! And I thought you were a respectable blogger too LOL!!!!

Sarah said...

Not used to such exposure on knitting blogs - I thought it was an onion at first glance!!

Queen Frogger said...

Very good! You are doing well with the charity knits.

Helen said...

Oooh, I'm blushing!!

Mary-Lou said...

Excellent! - do they come in pairs?