Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cards, boxes and bags

I`ve been playing with paper, card and glue lately, and been having great fun. DD and I went to another card day and learnt how to make these cards

The two outside cards are `waterfall cards` and though you can`t see it from the photo, when you pull the tab at the bottom, the top layer lifts to reveal a layer below and then a third, which
can each have a design or message on - not easy to describe so here is another photo that might help. They are rather unique, and so effective. The card in the middle is made from the instructions at Crafty Lou`s shop The Craft Corner . We were lucky enough to be able to see all the goodies she has for sale at the card day, and it was all very tempting, but DD and I were restrained and only came away with some cards, a punch and some gems - but I know where it all is and I will be back!

The previous week we had a workshop at the Tonbridge lacemakers making bags and boxes, which will be just great for prettying up little gifts for DD`s friends

These are just the basic ideas and can be decorated with all sorts of things, and having seen all her stock on saturday - I know just the place to go.


Helen said...

Those little bags are just sooo cute. I love them!

acrylik said...

Great work! The waterfall cards are fun, such a great idea.