Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thank you ... and Charity Knit III

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my previous post. The week continued with DH being admitted to hospital for a couple of days for observation and tests (thank goodness for the private health insurance through my work - it was more like a stay in a hotel, 3 course meals, en suite and TV in the room - he even borrowed DD`s laptop to carry on working!) Once `released` he had more tests, in fact it seems as though he has had every diagnostic test known to man, and given enough blood samples to single handedly maintain the blood bank for the entire South East! But I am glad to say everything (except cholesterol) has come back normal, so we are now left to pick up the pieces and try to overcome the incredible tiredness we are both feeling, and move onwards.
I am eternally grateful that he has changed his job and is thoroughly enjoying the new one despite the set back (well how many people work whilst in hospital - that in itself says something).

And now for charity knit III,

I needed something which required no thought or concentration, so this Easy Hooded Wrap from the Baby pack project fitted the bill perfectly, all in garter stitch, using some more of my unidentified (but lovely and soft, pretty coloured varigated) yarn. I followed their pattern, to the exact measurements, but it does seem rather small for a wrap to me - but if that is what they want, then fine. (BTW - the edge isn`t as bad as the photo suggests IRL)

And just because it amuses me - look at this little tyke -

now I know who stole the half coconut full of bird cake (in its entirety I hasn`t to add)


dreamcatcher said...

Glad to hear DH is doing OK and loves his new job (working in hospital LOL!). The baby wrap is so pretty :-) You have to laugh at the antics of squirrels, here isn't much that defeats them! We often have one in the garden and it loves running up and down the trellis we put in :-D

Queen Frogger said...

I hope you and your husband start to recover from that worrying time, glad he is OK now. Get lots of rest. I love the squirrels, we used to get loads until our walnut tree died!

acrylik said...

Glad that things are looking better for your DH, hopefully now your minds can be set at rest and you can get back to normal.

Love the little wrap, beautiful colours.

Seahorse said...

Glad to hear that DH's scare seemes to be just a 'blip'!

The wrap is lovely.

Silvia said...

Glad to hear your DH is on the up.
That cheecky monkey, erm Squirrel, picture made me laugh they are so naughty. The Wrap looks lovely and I like the clours.

Rain said...

Oi gerrof the nuts! Pesky squirrels! Fun to watch though.

So glad things are ok with your DH, it must have been a really worrying time for you both. The baby wrap looks lovely.

Mandella said...

I'm very pleased to read your news about your DH. Hopefully you can now get on with life - but take a little time out to take stock first.

The baby blanket is lovely. And as for the squirrel, well, what can I say! LOL