Thursday, February 15, 2007

Strange couple of weeks (self indulgent post - sorry)

I didn`t really know what else to call this post, and it certainly has been a strange couple of weeks. As I sit here typing, I`m not entirely sure how this post is going to develop, but here goes, and I do hope you will forgive me.

DH came back from his Toy Fair, eventually. He was due to catch the Eurostar in Brussels arriving at Ashford at 9.30pm, but around 8pm I got a frantic phone call asking me to try and sort things out. However when I phoned Eurostar, strangely enough, there didn`t seem to be an option
"if your husband`s travelling companion has insisted it isn`t this Brussels station they need, and they are currently hurtling towards Paris non- stop - Please press 6"
Eventually after much phoning around, at one point on the landline in one hand, DH on my mobile in the other, whilst also trying to find info on the computer, with my nose I think it must have been at that point - with no way across the channel at that time of day, we finally gave up and the party booked into a Paris hotel and came home the next day instead.

Having reached `new levels of tiredness` as he put it, DH was glad of the relaxation for a few days, before he was due to start his new job. Then we had a very enjoyable day out in London on Friday, browsing round Foyles , and Borders opposite which are both amazing bookshops - plus the British Museum - what an impressive ceiling, before returning home when the bomb hit -

DH had a mini stroke! It seems incredible that this should happen to a fit(ish) 43 year old non-smoker, just about to start a new career which he was so looking forward to. We spent the entire night in A & E (not a place I`d recommend for a friday evening out!) and I`m very pleased to say that physically there are no lasting effects, but naturally we are on tenderhooks and feel quite stressed and worried should it happen again - I will be so glad when he has seen the specialist and had CT scans (schelduled for this weekend) so hopefully we can get some answers.

After research we decided we have two choices - sit worrying and waiting for something that may never happen again, or get on with life. With this in mind, and being that his new boss is in fact his brother, (so some one `in the know` would be looking out for him) he decided to start his new job as planned. Unfortunately he has been told not to drive for a week, fortunately it`s half term so I`m not working and am playing taxi, (an hours round trip) but it`s worth it - he is loving every minute of his new job.

Sorry to bore you all, just sometimes it is good to get these things out of the system.

And now a lovely picture (well I think it is) to lighten the mood, why do crocus turning their heads to the sun make me want to smile.


Helen said...

Glad to hear that DH is ok now and enjoying his new job. The niece of on of my colleagues had a series of mini strokes last year (she collapsed at work, unfortunately in the cold room, so it was lucky that she was found before too long...) She is in her early 30s but has been fine since then and suffered no lasting effects.

Best wishes :)

Bryony said...

I'm sorry you've had such a rough time recently. I hope all comes through ok for you both.

Big hugs to you.

Seahorse said...

Oh my goodness, what a shock for you both! I'm very glad there are no lasting effects. I hope the specialists will be able to reassure you some more and that it was just a one off.

Silvia said...

Oh man what a schock and a half!!!! I am glad to hear your DH is doing okay. stress I blame stress maybe with his new Job he will have less? I hope so and I hope all goes well and it was just a 'blip' in your live path:Thank you for posting the crocus photo it is lovely and made me smile and forget the miserable weather here

Rain said...

Oh my goodness. I'm glad he's ok. I think you've got the right attitude for it though. Here's hoping it doesn't happeb again.

dreamcatcher said...

Very glad your DH is OK, that must have been a huge shock. Glad he is now enjoying his new job too.

The crocus photo is lovely!

acrylik said...

What a shock. Glad to hear that you are just carrying on with life, you can't let these things run you. Here's hoping that all the tests says it was just a one off.

Lovely picture of the crocuses, really uplifting.

Mandella said...

Well, it was a shock to read this post. I really hope you have good news from the CT scans and that your DH's new job is going OK.