Sunday, January 07, 2007

Better late than never


I know, it`s already the 7th and I haven`t updated the blog yet this year. My excuse, poor one though it is, is that I have now started working full time, for the first time in 14 years. I thought it would be really tough, but actually (so far) it has been good, and I feel less harrassed than I did working part time. No longer am I clock watching to make sure I finish dead on time to meet my friend to walk back to the car, and I don`t need to rush to beat DD home, and if a call goes into my break it isn`t so bad as my break is longer and I can afford to lose a little time where as with quarter of an hour break every minute counted.
Long may it continue - and I still have the school holidays to look forward to.

We had a lovely New Years Eve as expected, and didn`t get home til 2am. DD was a tired bunny so on New Years day she curled up in front of a DVD wrapped in her favourite crochet blanket made by Nan. It wasn`t long before she fell asleep, and quite some time later woke to find she was unable to move and couldn`t work out what was wrong - I could though

Some one had made themselves very comfy and was pinning the blanket down!

Well, I suppose it is traditional to make resolutions at this time of year - often I don`t but for 2007 I have decided on just two, one knitting, one not :-

........By the end of the year I want to have 10 knits for charity

.........And I want to have got a bit fitter, as I`m beginning to feel as if I`m slowing down and being in my early 40`s that is just not good enough!

Shouldn`t be too hard to succeed, she says, watch this space and I will keep you posted.


Silvia said...

Happy New year. Glad you had a good one. We all me resolutions can we stick with them?? We'll see. The picture is so cute

dreamcatcher said...

Happy New Year! All the best with your resolutions :-)

KnitYoga said...

Happy New Year. I love the photo - the blanket is lovely and the cat looks so cosy!

Helen said...

What a cosy looking kitty!

Good luck with your resolutions :)

Rain said...

Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one.

acrylik said...

Happy New Year! Good luck with your resolutions.