Saturday, August 05, 2006

Packed and ready to go.

HAH! you thought I was off on holiday, didn`t you?

Well I am soon but in this case it is the One Skein Secret Pal gift that is packed and ready to go, and I really hope my pal likes it - I`m pretty sure she doesn`t read my blog so hopefully it is safe to put this piccy in now. I`m pretty pleased with the end result (I think I like this felting lark even if poor old Mum doesn`t quite get it - well she has spent the last 40 odd years of married life trying not to shrink woolies, and here am I doing it on purpose!!!)
In the One Skein book this `Clutch you`ll never give up` was decorated with buttons, but not having anything suitable I thought I`d scout around and found this lovely butterfly which is in fact a hair decoration from Clare`s Accessories - (brilliant shop for cheap pretty pretties and one we almost lived in when DD was pre-teen) and I think it just finishes the bag off (though it could easily be removed/replaced as desired as it is simply pushed through and anchored with a little invisible thread - how I HATE that stuff, but it has it`s uses. I`m still trying to find the bit I dropped, and no I`m not kidding!!)


Lyonheart said...

Your bag is really great - can't believe it only took one skein. I'm sure your recipient will love it.

Helen said...

Good idea to use a hair clip, it looks really effective.

Rain said...

Ha ha, my Mum calls felting 'ruining knitting' it really baffles her.

The bag looks lovely and the clip really sets it off. I'm sure your pal will love it.