Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back to earth with a bump.

So this is where I have been, I had a wonderful two weeks, (and all your good wishes must have worked as I wasn`t seasick on this cruise!) and the time just flew by.
We sailed from Southampton on the QE2 heading for the Mediterranean, with ports of call including Lisbon, Cagliari, Zakinthos .......

....Piraeus, from where we took the Metro (all by our ownselves) to get to Athens (shown here from part way up to the Acropolis), and it was 39'C (phew!)

then there was Naples and finally Gibraltar where we went up one of these to see the apes at the top of the Rock, which DD and I loved watching

I have to confess though that I didn`t get much knitting done, there was so much else to fill my time. Obviously there were the visits in port, but also on sea days there were lectures, (including Jeffrey Archer who, no matter where you stand on politics, is an excellent speaker, and oral historian Max Arthur who was very good too, to the extent that in one of his moving lectures with an audience of 500 you could have heard a pin drop!) there were dance classes, and demonstrations, films, shows etc etc ....I could go on for hours, and put in loads and loads of photos, but I won`t, I will just to say we had such a super time this is where I wish I was now

Sailing off into the sunset!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Looks like a gorgeous holiday :) You haven't missed much either while you've been away, I can tell you that :/

Your One Skein gift is almost finished, but at the moment I have some other commitments (which you'll find out about in the big reveal) that are making it a little bit harder to finish. But trust me, if I'm late I'll make it worth your while ;D


Rain said...

It looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time. What a wonderful holiday.

blog-blethers said...

Looks and sounds like an idyllic holiday! Some things make knitting worth missing (lol only very few things, eh?)