Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hearts and hats

I seem to be drawn to items I can finish quickly of late, particularly hearts and hats. It's probably to do with the weather we've been having, neither one thing nor the other, it's cold but not freezing and seems to be constantly damp and dull - oh for some sunshine - so I'm finding satisfaction in producing something warm and comforting. 
Talking of cold weather, DD spent a weeks holiday in Berlin celebrating a friend's 21st and, bless her, brought me back a ball of yarn as a holiday gift. The natural choice for one ball of chunky wool? - a hat of course
I combined a couple of patterns to get what I wanted and am so pleased with the finished hat, it fits well and is nice and warm too.  There was a little bit left over so I made a 'Don't break my heart' heart, a nice pattern on magic loop with minimal sewing up, I stuffed it with lavender (tied in the toe of an old pair of tights) to pop in with my spinning fluff to keep the moths at bay. 

Continuing on the heart theme, for this months Tawashi I chose the 'I ❤️ Tawashi's' pattern and knitted it in DK held double to make it a little bigger

And as for hats... I've been using up oddments to make 
both knitted and crocheted hats for an as yet undecided charity (but most likely LILY - Love in the Language of Yarn for the Syrian refugees in Turkey) 

As March approaches I'm looking forward to (hopefully) some brighter days and being able to be outside whilst it's actually still day light, (work has a lot to answer for) and perhaps I'll have something to blog about other than knitting for a change.

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