Sunday, January 05, 2014

Bats and Butterflies

I've often thought about trying illusion knitting, it seems almost magical, so when I needed a dishcloth for October as part of my year of dishcloths and my search came up with Black Bats illusion cloth that had to be it.  I really like to see bats flying round my garden, there's something special about them and I can watch for ages in the twilight. The family have got used to me suddenly saying "Bat!" quite loudly when I spot one.
Anyway, by the magic of illusion knitting this is the cloth viewed normally but
Is what you can see at an angle. Clever eh? And all just done with knits and Purls.

The other critters I have been making are butterflies as I am encouraging our knitting group at work to make some blankets for SIBOL (a small charity who distribute handmade lap blankets to the elderly to 'bring a little sunshine into their lives') and who like to have a small butterfly attached as their 'symbol'- now I know what's going to happen, people will either want a pattern that's tried and tested, have problems and want me to 'teach' them or not want to make the butterfly at all so I've been playing with Grace Butterfly 
Oh, wait that looks like a doily, well with a little fold you get.....
A 3D butterfly - another clever, eh? moment


HoffiCoffi said...

I think they are very clever!

Anonymous said...

Very clever Knitting MW
I especially love the butterfly

Neecy said...

They're amazing! Really clever and unexpected! I want more of them. Is there one for a moose or a snail? The possibilities are endless.
Nice one!!!