Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nats 2013

August bank holiday weekend can only mean one thing for the Modelwidow family - it's the National Model Flying Championships at Barkston Heath airfield in Lincolnshire. 

After much preparation we headed off again to run the stand for the magazine.

DD and I are the 'shop' assistants and have a great time being part of DH's world for the weekend.


As always we met some lovely people and some not so lovely (and a few who frankly just need to get a life - like the chap who told us, for the third year running, that one of the plans he bought from the company's predecessor about 20 years ago was a millimetre out on the ribs!)

There are some funny moments too, like the little lad who looked around and announced loudly to his dad "Well there are a few planes, but it's mainly comics!" - out of the mouths of babes.......

Lots of people camp, and we have done in the past, but I figure as a working girl I could do with a decent shower (not fighting with thousands of model flyers for the couple of plastic tardis showers available - and no I'm not exaggerating, well about the numbers anyway, they don't literally fight for the showers, actually come to think of it by Monday that can become quite evident if it's been a hot weekend - eewww! ) and a nice bed doesn't come amiss either, so at the end of the day we pack up our wares and head off to the nearby Premier Inn, which means meals in the Brewers Fayre next door and feet up in the evening with time for yarny things. 
 Previously I have been caught out without enough yarn but this year I took my Tiramisu blanket with me to finish and made a stretchy hat on the car journeys to and fro and still had projects in my bag untouched but I was very happy with my end results



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