Sunday, February 06, 2011

Lucky number seven

I'm not usually a lucky person - well not in the sense of winning things - I'm very lucky in that I have my health, my family, my friends, a nice house and car, and whilst I'm not rich I do ok but I don't, as a rule, win anything. If I buy a raffle ticket then I think of it as a donation, not a chance of winning something, so when I put a comment on Silvia's blog it was because I often do as I have enjoyed reading Blogging in the slow Lane for a long time not because of her giveaway. Imagine my suprise when the random generator picked out my comment (comment number seven) as the winner! And this lovely parcel arrived in the post.

With a flower tucky, lavender bombs and some cute little stamped tags. I've often admired Silvia's work, and now I am the proud owner - and the bombs smell divine too.
Thank you Silvia.


Silvia said...

You are very Welcome:) Maybe you be lucky again next Time??!!

Hellbelle said...

Pretty things. Lucky!