Saturday, August 21, 2010

Walking our socks off

DH and I enjoy walking and more often than not we do a few miles on a Sunday morning, but DH is in 'training' for The West Highland Way (95 miles from Glasgow to Fort William) so we thought we'd up the mileage a bit for this walk. Just for a change we hopped on the train and I knitted my way up to London. We made our way to Paddington Basin (no sign of the bear as we passed through the station, much to my disappointment) and, after a quick coffee and Muffin to fortify us, we set off along the canal.

The Weather was very pleasant, which unfortunately made the tow path rather busy. I'm not quite sure how we walked all that way without seeing one of the multitude of cyclists ending up in the water! They were swerving and speeding and infuriatingly dinging their bells even when we walkers had already flattened ourselves against the sides despite the fact that pedestrians have right of way over bikes on a towpath - in fact, one or two were pretty lucky I hadn't thought to take my walking pole with me!!! and I'm certainly not usually given to violence or even unkind thought but really!! (Grumpy old woman gripe over!)

We passed by Camden Market and I resisted the temptation to turn in - but oh my, did that food smell good.

And carried on with a backward glance at Camden Lock, and on we walked keeping a nice steady rhythm and eating up the miles til at last

The end was in site, with Canary Wharf in view we knew we were nearly there and made our way via the Underground to the train and home again, tired but happy after a lovely day out.

In all, from door to door we did just over 13 miles, and much to my amazement my legs weren't the least bit stiff the next day - DH was moaning though, despite being much fitter and more used to walking than me. Perhaps I should take his place on the WHW next month instead ;0)


Silvia said...

Whoa!!! 13 Miles!!! Amazing and well done. I am worn out after 2!!
Good luck to your DH with his walk

Auntie Noo said...

ooh what a fantastic idea to get out and about to walk - I get so stuck in my ways with Spot, walking around home, but at least i know where's she's safe from roads and cyclists!! ;)

Sarah said...

Impressive distance - and such a nice route for a walk - no wonder the way was busy

margotreehugger said...

Wow well done!!!