Sunday, September 13, 2009

The quick and the slow

DH and I went up to London to walk along the Regents canal so of course I needed a little something to knit on the train, this little chap just fitted the bill perfectly, magic looped with stash DK he came out a whole 4" tall, and only took the journey to and from London to knit. Should make a nice little handful for a babe in the next Baby pack project pack.

As for the slow, well the Yarn Forward blanket had it's ups and downs, plenty of problems with the patterns but it's done - took 5 months to make but I'm really happy with the results - I think DD is too judging by the fact that she is currently snuggled under it on the sofa watching TV.


Linda said...

I love the little rabbit and the colours in the blanket are so nice together.

Sarah said...

Oh what lovely knits they both are even if at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of time involved!

Suzie Sews said...

wooly goodness indeed