Saturday, July 04, 2009

The prom

They never had proms when I was at school but it seems to be 'in' at the moment. DD wasn't too keen at first but then when she found 'the' dress, she was a lot happier. Friend was supposed to be arranging the limo - but as soon as I knew which friend, I had my doubts, and I was right. A couple of days before the prom, she admitted she had done nothing about it! So most of the girls were taken by parents in their cars, but fortunately the uncle of DD's closest friend came to the rescue and took, friend, DD and another in his jag - he even dressed in a suit and got out to open the doors for the young ladies, so that they could arrive in style.

I didn't expect to feel emotional - I mean I think DD is beautiful all the time, but in her posh frock all ready for the prom I felt a great surge of pride (and a little sniffly too), so being the proud mum I just had to share a couple of pictures. DD is in purple, and friend with uncle is in the middle.

DD is lucky in that she has both male and female friends, and I rather liked this picture which shows how comfortable they all are with each other - they are just friends not couples, and I think that is great


Judith said...

It's always amazing to see them grow up, isn't it? Thirteen years ago my brother's oldest daughter was a bridesmaid at a family wedding. There she was, all of 16 years old, in a dark green taffeta dress and her hair all piled up on top of her head. She looked quite the young lady. My brother's reaction: "Oh, sh*t! I've got trouble now!" :)

Silvia said...

They are all beautiful but for us parents it's the time to realize our young brood is growning up fast!!

Linda said...

They all look lovely, no wonder you were a bit sniffly!