Saturday, September 27, 2008

Everybody's at it

I know all the world and his uncle are making little hats for Innocents big knit but I just wanted to show mine.

DD made the pompoms and I added the hats using odments of acrylic, far too small for anything else. Having made a few stripey ones I decided to try a stitch pattern or two, wasn't quite so keen on the Mini bobble stitch - (purple one on the bottle) as it didn't stand out very well, but I am rather pleased with the Knotted Openwork (from The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches)

I have plans for a few more using weird and wonderful yarns - funky fur, unidentified fluffy stuff etc. These little devils are addictive.


Silvia said...

Your right everyone is doing it...except far!! I cannot resits any longer I think. I be joining very soon...

Sarah said...

Good job everyone else is as I haven't managed any yet this year, perhaps this weekend!