Sunday, April 27, 2008

Keeping the postman busy

That's the trouble with having a couple of weeks off - easy access to the computer! Actually the first lot didn't cost me a penny because at work each time we achieve something we are awarded stars ( yes it does sound like school and no we don't have a star chart) They are saved automatically on a computer system and we are able to convert them to gift vouchers when we have accumulated a few. I decided to have Amazon vouchers and treat myself, and this is what I bought.

I have no idea who I will be making the Fleecie Pets for, I'd seen the book in the shops and fell in love with the little critters. I expect a lot of you will have seen 101 designer One Skein Wonders already, I just thought there were so many nice little projects in there ( having checked it out on Ravelry) and I wasn't disappointed. Trust me I'm a junior doctor is going to be a good read - I always read Max Pembertons column in the weekend paper, I do find his style of writing amusing, and this book is about his first year after qualifying. And finally, as I've read some good things about Diva's don't knit I thought I'd give that a try too. The CD which just would not be photographed is by Savage Garden cos it was only £2.98 and I like two of the songs on there - I don't often buy CD's but at that price...... Not a bad little selection for free, considering I earnt my stars simply for doing what I consider to all be part of my job anyway.

Then I noticed that Kemps Wool shop had a sale and having been eyeing up Sirdar Ocean for a while, when I saw it for £1.50 a ball I just had to buy some. I've been a good girl, I knitted a tension square and washed it too before I cast on

and whilst I was there I spotted this gorgeous coloured Cotton DK from Patons and since it only increased the postage by a few pence it I couldn't resist buying some for Soleil from Knitty

And finally, just to show I have been doing some knitting as well as buying here is my latest charity knit

Using stash DK and 8mm needles, it knitted up quite quickly and is drapey, but I didn't enjoy making it and won't be using that needle/yarn combination. I thought I'd give it a go, and now know I don't like it but never mind, it will keep some little bubby warm.


Sarah said...

Good use of your stars, glad to see you've been a good girl :o)

Lovely looking yarns too and the blankie looks good and cosy

Mandella said...

What lovely stash enhancement, you must feel like a right teacher's pet! I'm sure the blanket will be loved by its eventual recipient.

Silvia said...

Nice use of 'Stars' and tempting me with your discriptions as well!!! I think i need to deduct a star of you for that!!

Silvia said...
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