Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good enough to eat

DD and I went down to Brighton yesterday to the Creative stitches and Hobbycrafts exhibition, which was, frankly a bit disappointing. If you don`t make cards or cross stitch, then there isn`t much for you. DD was looking forward to the "Stunning display" of costumes from Strictly Come Dancing - and there were 5 dresses!
But we were impressed by the Gingerbread House.
I knew about it, and even knitted a few flowers and leaves for the garden, but I hadn`t quite realised how large it would be, or how impressive in the flesh. It was nigh on impossible to get a good picture of the outside because of the number of people around it, so DD being tall raised her camera above the other heads and took this great picture of the inside.

I just loved the knitted photos

and for some reason the flower pots appealed as well

However, we couldn`t help but find our blood pressures rising as we sat in the cafe area along side and listened to some women of a certain age decreeing rather loudly that they just couldn`t see the point of all that knitting and that it was a waste of time as nothing could be done with it, unless of course it was dismantled and the toys given away and the squares made into blankets. I was so tempted to explain to them that apart from being rather an achievement involving over 500 knitters, it was actually raising money for charity - but because of their arogant dismissive tones I didn`t trust myself to be civil.

And just to prove how disappointing a show it was for us - I came away with .....a circular needle and a pack of jump rings. Yep, that`s it!


Queen of the froggers said...

Gorgeous day though ... we had fish and chips on the sea front! I came away with one skein of sock yarn!

Sarah said...

Good for the pocket then!!

That house is incredible and I'm with you on the photos, amazing work

Soo said...

Wow - that house looks amazing!!

Helen said...

Amazing stuff!

Good for you on keeping your cool!!

Silvia said...

I read about that House in my Knitting Magazine and I think that it is amazing!! All those knitters adding their little bits and bobs. And if it raises money for Charity so much the better. As for that 'woman' I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut! You should have got your Needles out and knitted a Gag and tied up here mouth...that would have shown her LOL

Mandella said...

Don't you think the marketing of those shows is a bit of a swizz? Not a lot there for us knitters.