Sunday, March 25, 2007

It`s going to take forever!

I won the yarn on eBay, and I`ve started Thermal

but it feels like it is going to take forever. The yarn is a 50% cotton, 50% Acrylic mix in 4ply, and to achieve tension I am having to knit on 2.75mm needles! A whole jumper on diddy needles! what was I thinking. Actually, it is quite nice to work, lovely and light on the hands, and I am enjoying using the Boyes Needlemaster circs, nice and pointy and smooth, except the join where I am having to gently coax the stitches passed, but even that isn`t too much of a trial. I keep checking the joins as I have heard some stories of them coming unscrewed and I don`t fancy having to pick up 240 sts, but so far so good. The colour is actually greener than this photo - I had hoped it would be as it seems, but though it is called Peacock, I would realistically describe it as nearer jade when you see it in real life, Oh well, guess that is what happens when you rely on monitors and the internet and get a bargain, I mean, I can`t really complain about winning the yarn for a whole jumper for £6.65 including postage, now can I?

My other recent purchase was the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl Pattern . Those naughty folk on the Angel Yarns Forum have driven me to it! They had a Knitalong and I have seen so many lovely shawls that eventually I had to give in. Well, I do have a ball of Opal Sock Yarn that will never become socks (because I don`t like knitting socks, but please don`t tell anyone because I feel very much like the odd one out) so it seemed like the perfect excuse to buy the pattern so I can use up some of my stash. I was really impressed with how easy it was to buy and download the pattern - never done that before. I must press on with Thermal first though, and get a fair way into that before I cast on for something else, but that yarn and pattern do keep calling to me!


Helen said...

Your Thermal is looking good :)

I bought the Forest Canopy pattern too last week!

dreamcatcher said...

That's some truly bargainous yarn there, looks great knitted up :-)

I started a Forest Canopy shawl last night, what a great pattern it is :-)

Silvia said...

I didn't like to knit Socks until I managed to spin my own Sock yarn now I love them.
FCS is lovely to make and lovely to look at....I never thought of using Sockyarn to make it with

Rain said...

Ooh thermal, I love that pattern.

Your shawl is going to be lovely in that yarn.

acrylik said...

Good luck with Thermal, what a great bargain you had there!

I just bought the Forest Canopy pattern last week too - must be something in the air :) Looking forward to seeing yours knit up.

Kathleen said...

I have been knitting socks... mostly give aways because I find, while I don't mind knitting the socks, I can't quite get used to the wearing of socks! No need to feel the odd one out! :)