Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Old dogs and new tricks

In the last Simply Knitting mag, I noticed a new (to me) way of holding the yarn when knitting fairisle - both yarns in the right hand, one on index finger the other on middle finger, so I thought I`d give it a go and at the same time knit my contribution to Knit a river for Wateraid. Well, I very soon got in a tangle, it was a real fiddle and the knitting became all puckered and `orrible. It didn`t take me many rows to realise that after 30+ years of doing fairisle one way, there really wasn`t any point in trying to master a new method if it didn`t come easily, so I went back to main colour in right hand the english way, and contrast in left hand the continental way, and in very little time this square appeared.

Now I know that you really can`t teach old dogs new tricks - or at the very least it is just not worth the effort.


Seahorse said...

Lovely square! Sometimes the old way is the best, lol!

Rain said...

I always say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It sounds like a great technique, but I know I'm too set in my ways too to be fiddling about.

The square looks lovely.

Helen said...

I think the two handed method looks cooler anyway :)

Lyonheart said...

I think you're best sticking to what is most comfortable for you. Your square looks great!